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Genuine 51626A ( No. 26 )
Genuine 51626A ( No. 26 )

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Genuine 51626A (No. 26) Ink Cartridge for Sharp FO-1700, FO-1700R and Other Sharp FO Series

Compatible Printer:
Apollo: P-1200, P-1220 Barbie, P-1250I Adler/Royal: JP 450 Advanced Hi-Tech: Mailjet Agfa: Microfilm Camera Aitell: Inkfax BDT: Ergoprint 310 Bryce Office Systems: BOS 10 Addressing Citizen: ProJet Colossal Graphics: Colossaljet FB Comterm: Deskjet II Datatech: Directjet 100 Addressing Printer DP 1170 Jet Address System, DP 1175 Jet Address System, DP 1186 Addressing System Scriptom. BOS 10K Addressing Sys., Scriptom. BOS 10K-E Addressing Sys., Scriptom. BOS 12K Addressing Sys. , Scriptom. BOS 16K Addressing Sys Dbtel: 800, 810, DBFax-960 DEC: DecJet 2000, MultiJet 1500, MultiJet 2000 Dex Bus Systems: DEX 530 Encad Computer: NovaJet, NovaJet II, NovaJet III, Pro 50 Fujitsu: DEX 530 Grundig: 1000 Hewlett Packard: 2276 A, 2277 A, 2279 A Designjet 200 Plotter, 200D, 200E, 220, 600 Plotter, Designjet Plotter, Deskjet Deskjet 400, 400 L, 420C, 500, 500C, 510, 520, 540, 550C, 560C, Deskjet Plus Deskwriter 400 510 520 540 550C 560C, Deskwriter C Fax 200VP, Fax 700VP, Fax 800, Fax 900VP, Fax-200, Fax-300, Fax-310, Fax-700, Fax-750, Fax-900, Fax-950 Officejet, Officejet 300, Officejet 330, Officejet 350, Officejet LX, OfficeJet Personal IJ Technologies: New Horizons ITT Courier: Fax 210 220 3735 3740 3745 Lasermaster: Displaymaker Meonic: MP 660, MP 670 Newgen Sys.: Vista Printing Nokia: Deskjet Plus North Atlantic: Deskjet Plus-T, Deskjet-T Olympia: Olyfax 3740 3750, Quietstar 4 Panasonic: Panafax PD-4200 Panafax PX-350, PX-360, UF-300, UF-305, UF-310, UF-311, UF-312, UF-315, UF-321, UF-322, UF-332, UF-333 Pitney Bowes: 9100, Documatch - Envelope Printer, W800 AddressRight, W880 AddressRight, W890 AddressRight Rena.: DA600 DA606 Sagem: Safax Jet Scan-Code: Optimizer Sharp: FO-1700, FO-1700 R, FO-3700, UX-1200, UX-1200 R, UX-1500, UX-1500 R Siemens: 4812-L10, Fax 540, Fax 640, Fax 740, MD-25 Stielow: 5923 Address Printer, 5949 Address Printer, 5951 Address Printer, 5980 Address Printer Summagraphics: Summajet 2M Plotter Triumph Adler: FX 640, FX 640 I, FX 640 TI, FX 645, FX 645 I
Cartridge Description:
This is remanufactured ink cartridge. This high quality inkjet cartridge was professionally re-engineered in a manufacturing facility with state of the art processes to insure that this cartridge will print as well as the original.
Cartridge Specification:
Type: Compatible ink cartridge
Volume: 40 ml
Life: 1 years

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  • I have recently gone back to college so a ready and able printer for papers and projects is a must! When I run out of ink, Inksco makes the switch so quick and easy! The quality of my printer cartridges has been great, and when I have any questions or issues, the Inksco staff really takes care of me.-- Susan P. 11/18/2014
  • We have regularly used the services of Inksco and are completely satisfied with the quality of their products, and their outstanding customer service.-- John W. 12/06/2014
  • Glad I took a chance and ordered two of these printer toners from Inksco. Already delivered in perfect packaging, already ran the 290+ pages print job I needed today, just fine from first page to last on my cheap copy paper. All that under $60, which was way less than the prices in store, and Inksco delivered all these to me for free!-- Jay T. 01/19/2015
  • Installed just like an OEM toner in my Brother HL-2140. Print quality (to the naked eye) is as good as the OEM toner. Inksco provided perfect order packaging and customer service. I got my order within 3 days under their free shipping program! I will definitely purhcase from Inksco again.-- Chris D. 02/07/2015
  • I know it's certainly not all that exciting to be researching a toner cartridge. But for the price of these, you better be sure it's worth it! Inksco provides incredibly solid products. They are reliable and produce fantastic results right up till the last drop of toner is gone. It's really a good deal, and I will continue to use Inksco for my small business printing needs. They know what they are doing and deliver really fast.-- Ray H. 03/11/2015