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DIALTA Copiers
Di151 Di151f Di152
Di181 Di183 Di200
Di250 Di251 Di300
Di450 Di470 Di520
Di550 Di620
EP Series
EP1030 EP1030F EP1031
EP1031F EP1050 EP1070
EP1080 EP1081 EP1083
EP1085 EP2010 EP2030
EP2050 EP2080 EP2100
EP2120 EP2120D EP2121
EP2121D EP2130 EP2130 Pro
EP2131 EP2150 EP2150D
EP2151 EP2151D EP2152 Pro
EP2153 EP3000 EP3050
EP3120 EP3150 EP3170
EP4000 EP4000 Pro EP4050
EP410Z EP415Z EP4210
EP4211 EP4230 EP4231
EP4232 EP4233 EP4250
EP425Z EP4300 EP4301
EP4320 EP4321 EP450Z
EP470Z EP5000 EP5050
EP5320 EP5400 EP5401
EP5420 EP6000 EP6001
EP8010 EP8015 EP8600
EP8601 EP8602 EP8603
EP9760 EP9765
Fax Series
Fax 1600 Fax 1700 Fax 1800
Fax 1800E Fax 1900 Fax 2300
Fax 2500 Fax 2600 Fax 2700
Fax 2800 Fax 3500 Fax 3600
Fax 3700 Fax 3800 Fax 5500
Fax 5500E Fax 5600
Konica 1015 Konica 1018 Konica 1112
Konica 1120 Konica 1212 Konica 1290RE
Konica 170Z Konica 1790 Konica 2017A
Konica 2017P Konica 2020 Konica 2025
Konica 2025A Konica 2025B Konica 2028
Konica 2125 Konica 2130 Konica 250Z
Konica 2590 Konica 3035 Konica 3135
Konica 3785 Konica 4045 Konica 4135
Konica 4155 Konica 4255 Konica 7020
Konica 7025 Konica 7030 Konica 7033
Konica 7040 Konica 7045 Konica 7115
Konica 7118
MagiColor 2100 MagiColor 2200 MagiColor 2300
MagiColor 2300DL MagiColor 2300W MagiColor 2350
MagiColor 2350EN MagiColor 2350W MagiColor 3100
MagiColor 330
Other Konica-Minolta-QMS Printers
Big Kiss Big Kiss II Conceptwriter
Kiss Kiss Plus LaserGrafix 800
LaserGrafix 800 II LaserGrafix 810 LaserGrafix 820
Smartscript 800 Smartwriter Smartwriter 8/3X
Smartwriter 80 Plus Smartwriter Plus
Other Printers
Minolta 2060 Imagesever
PS Series
PS 1660 PS 1660E PS 1660EX
PS 1725 PS 1725 PS 1725 SLS
PS 1725 SLS PS 1725E PS 1725E
PS 1725EX PS 1725EX PS 2425
PS 2425 Turbo Imageserver PS 2425 Turbo Multi-Pacs PS 410
PS 420 PS 800 PS 800 II
PS 800 Plus PS 810 PS 810 Turbo
PS 815 PS 820 PS 825
PS 825 MR PS KISS Plus (SX)
PagePro Series
PagePro 1100 PagePro 1100L PagePro 1250E
PagePro 1250W PagePro 1300W PagePro 1350W
PagePro 1400W PagePro 20 PagePro 20N
PagePro 20NX
Pageworks Series
Pageworks 12 Pageworks 20 Pageworks 20N
Pageworks 6E Pageworks 6L
QMS Series
QMS 2060 Imagesever QMS 2060BX QMS 2060EX
QMS 2060FX-1 QMS 2060FX-2 QMS 2060GX-2
QMS 2060WX QMS 2425 QMS 2425 Turbo
QMS 2425 Turbo EX QMS 2425EX QMS 2425FX-1
QMS 2425FX-2
SP Series
SP 1000 SP 101 SP 1500 Winlaser
Turbo Image Server XP
2308/S Turbo Image Server XP 3308/S Turbo Image Server XP

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  • I have recently gone back to college so a ready and able printer for papers and projects is a must! When I run out of ink, Inksco makes the switch so quick and easy! The quality of my printer cartridges has been great, and when I have any questions or issues, the Inksco staff really takes care of me.-- Susan P. 11/18/2014
  • We have regularly used the services of Inksco and are completely satisfied with the quality of their products, and their outstanding customer service.-- John W. 12/06/2014
  • Glad I took a chance and ordered two of these printer toners from Inksco. Already delivered in perfect packaging, already ran the 290+ pages print job I needed today, just fine from first page to last on my cheap copy paper. All that under $60, which was way less than the prices in store, and Inksco delivered all these to me for free!-- Jay T. 01/19/2015
  • Installed just like an OEM toner in my Brother HL-2140. Print quality (to the naked eye) is as good as the OEM toner. Inksco provided perfect order packaging and customer service. I got my order within 3 days under their free shipping program! I will definitely purhcase from Inksco again.-- Chris D. 02/07/2015
  • I know it's certainly not all that exciting to be researching a toner cartridge. But for the price of these, you better be sure it's worth it! Inksco provides incredibly solid products. They are reliable and produce fantastic results right up till the last drop of toner is gone. It's really a good deal, and I will continue to use Inksco for my small business printing needs. They know what they are doing and deliver really fast.-- Ray H. 03/11/2015